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 Who We Are

  • an association of scholars and friends

The International Jacques Ellul Society, founded in 2000 by former students of Ellul, links together scholars and friends of various specializations, vocations, backgrounds, and nations, who share a common interest in the legacy of Jacques Ellul (1912-94), long time professor at the University of Bordeaux. Our three objectives are (1) to preserve and disseminate his literary and intellectual heritage, (2) to extend his penetrating social critique, especially concerning technology, and (3) to extend his theological and ethical research with its special emphases on hope and freedom.  The IJES is the English-language sister-society of the French-language Association Internationale Jacques Ellul.


  • preserving a legacy

Jacques Ellul published more than fifty books and nearly a thousand articles and reviews. Our mission is to preserve and make broadly available this great legacy by

1. completing the publication of Ellul’s work in French (several works remain),
2. completing the English translation of his work and encouraging translations in other languages,
3. republishing (in electronic as well as print formats) works that are no longer available,
4. maintaining a current, comprehensive bibliography of works by and about Ellul,
5. organizing and making available the audio and video recordings of Ellul’s lectures and interviews,
6. making available an accurate biography of Ellul.


  • extending a critique

Jacques Ellul is best known around the world for his penetrating critique of “la technique”—of the character and impact of technology on our world. The forces and institutions which shape 21st century life and which pose the greatest challenges to the health and future of humanity and nature were Ellul’s critical interest. Our mission is to encourage continued research and critical thought in this tradition, with a special focus on technology but also including politics, economics, globalization, education, art, language, communication, religion, and popular culture. The IJES is not an antiquarian society interested only in a reverent inspection of Jacques Ellul’s works; it is, in the spirit of Ellul himself, a movement to encourage the extension of a serious critique of technological civilization.


  • researching a hope

Jacques Ellul was not just a social critic but a theologian and activist in church and community. Because of his profound faith in the “Wholly Other” breaking into human history, he refused to become a pessimist about the predominantly negative social trends he studied. He insisted that he was above all a man of hope and freedom and searched for signs of hope in Holy Scripture and in history. Our mission is to encourage continued theological and ethical research on hope and freedom, with a special focus on the Jewish and Christian Scriptures.


Membership Dues & Donations

The IJES is an all-volunteer organization whose expenses are carried by voluntary dues-paying members from around the world and by charitable gifts and donations.  Our materials are made freely available on the web but we welcome and encourage all who are able to join in support of the IJES cause.

The primary use of IJES income from dues and donations is to underwrite the translation and publication of the works of Jacques Ellul.  Questions about IJES payments should be sent to pay@ellul.org or to IJES Business Office, 725 Union, Boulder CO 80304. The IJES is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.  All gifts are tax-deductible for US tax payers

You may submit payment of the annual IJES membership dues ($20 US) — or donate a charitable gift in any amount — in one of two ways (be sure to note the purpose of your payment):

1.  First (recommended): you may make your payment electronically to pay@ellul.org at www.paypal.com (foreign currencies will be converted to US dollars when you use this service).

2. Second: you may send a check or money order (e.g. an international postal money order drawn in US dollars) to “IJES”, 725 Union, Boulder CO 80304 USA.


Board of Directors

The International Jacques Ellul Society is governed by a board of directors composed of Ellul scholars in all fields.  Members serve three-year terms and determine IJES policies, budgets, and plans in an annual meeting every January.  The President of our sister society L’Association Internationale Jacques Ellul is ex officio a member of the IJES Board.   For more information on the IJES and its leadership contact IJES@ellul.org

Andy Alexis-Baker, Marquette University

Mark Baker, Fresno Biblical Seminary

Patrick Chastenet, University of Bordeaux

Clifford Christians, University of Illinois

Dell DeChant, University of South Florida

Darrell Fasching University of South Florida

David Gill (President), Gordon-Conwell Seminary

Andrew Goddard, Laing Institute, UK

Virginia Landgraf, ATLA, Chicago

Ted Lewis, Wipf & Stock Publishers, Eugene

David Lovekin, Hastings College, NE

Randal Marlin (Vice-President), Carleton University

Carl Mitcham, Colorado School of Mines

Ken Morris (Secretary-Treasurer), Boulder, CO

Lisa Richmond, Wheaton College, IL

Jeffrey Shaw (Ellul Forum Editor), Salve Regina, Newport

Jacob Van Vleet, Diablo Valley College, California

Langdon Winner, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY



Ellul Forum Editorial Committee:

Jeffrey Shaw, Managing Editor

Jacob Van Vleet, Book & Media Review Editor

Forum Editorial Board:

  • David Lovekin
  • Christian Roy
  • David Gill


Website and Communications Committee:

Ted Lewis (Chair)

Lisa Richmond

Virginia Landgraf

Ed Aust

(projected launch date for the new IJES website: September 1, 2015)