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IJES Business Office
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IJES President, David Gill
For inquiries to the President regarding International Jacques Ellul Society, email dgill@ethixbiz.com 

Forum Article & Review Submissions & Inquiries
Contact Jeff Shaw Jeffrey.shaw@salve.edu
For submission information, go to OJS Ellul Forum site.

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Contact Jacob Van Vleet jvanvleet@dvc.edu
Add your comments to articles and reviews at the end of the particular document.
If you have any difficulty or questions about posting comments, e-mail tedlewis76@gmail.com

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1. Online method: Use ‘Join’ page for membership dues or go to www.paypal.com and pay by credit or debit card to pay@ellul.org  For donations, go to this page.
2. Mail check or international money order to “IJES” at
IJES Business Office
725 Union
Boulder CO 80304 USA
Further information about dues, donations, and business matters, email ellulsociety@gmail.com

Books for Review
For further information about review copies and review publication policies, email forumreviews@ellul.org
Ship/mail books to:
Van Vleet/ Ellul Forum
PO Box 7072
Berkeley, CA. 94707

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Send recommended quotes for the slider areas to Ted Lewis at  tedlewis76@gmail.com  Submissions will be selected by a several IJES board members and posted twice a year.

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Contact Ted Lewis at tedlewis76@gmail.com

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