2022 video on Jacques Ellul and Universal Salvation

View this 26-minute interview-based video produced by Steven HAuse for the series “Unrelenting Love.”

Featured in the video are Frederic Rognon, Andrew Goddard, Matt Prior and Ted Lewis.


Introduction to Ellul’s To Will and To Do by Jacob Marques Rollison (forthcoming link)

This is a recording of the opening lecture of the postgraduate seminar in Theological Ethics at the University of Aberdeen for the fall 2021 term, which is centered around Jacques Ellul’s 2-volume introduction to Christian Ethics, To Will & To Do. After a short introduction by Prof. Brian Brock, translator Dr. Jacob Marques Rollison contextualizes the book within the intellectual landscape of 20th century France and offers suggestions for how these volumes might be read.


Video Posted Dec. 2021: The Future of Sense-Making (Horizons Canada)

Study Questions for Group Discussion:    

  1. The subtitle is “Four Areas of Change in the Way We Think, Choose and Behave.”  How do these four areas that outline the video inter-relate to each other?
  2. What kind of wording and associations are used to describe the partnership between humanity and artificial intelligence?
  3. How has the Tower of Babel motif been re-interpreted? To what end?
  4. The conclusion draws a contrast between “splintered reality” and “shared reality,” suggesting we will need more of the latter to survive in a changing world. What are the implications of this message?
  5. Finally, WWET?  What Would Ellul Think?

(complied by Ted Lewis; special ‘thanks’ to IJES member Natalie for identifying this video)


“The Hidden Cost of Technological Progress”

The Betrayal of Technology

Full Video (54 minutes)
Producer: Jan van Boeckel (1992, ReRun Productions)

For a full transcript of the interviews associated with this video, click here.

French Videos

Le Besoin de Croire

Jacques Ellul