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Jacques Ellul (1912–94) was a French thinker and writer in many fields: communication, ethics, law and political science, sociology, technology, and biblical and theological studies, among others. The aim of the Ellul Forum is to promote awareness and understanding of Ellul’s life and work, and to encourage a community of dialogue on these subjects. The Forum publishes content by and about Jacques Ellul and about themes relevant to his life and thought, from historical, contemporary, or creative perspectives. Content is published in English and French.


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Spring 2020 Invite for Special Spring 2021 Issue of the Ellul Forum


Call for Papers—A Christian Response to Modern Technology

Guest editors: Richard Stivers and J.M. van der Laan

In his prophetic work Hope in Time of Abandonment, Jacques Ellul argues that the church needs to rethink its position on technology in terms of abandonment / hope. He asserts that we live in a time, not unprecedented, in which God has abandoned us and we Him. We are left to our own devices, notably technology. Christian hope must fill the void of God’s abandonment of the church and the world.

We are calling for papers on a Christian response to modern technology in terms of abandonment / hope. What does it mean to relate to technology and use it as an act of hope? You may choose to write about a specific technology or set of technologies rather than technology in general if you wish. The papers should be less academic and more existential. We need to clarify our starting position, rather than work out a detailed ethic, Ellul states. We will assume that readers will have at least a general knowledge of Ellul’s ideas about technology.

Submissions may be in essay or short story form. They should be in English and between 3,000 and 4,000 words. Submissions are due by October 31, 2020. Please send your submission to ellulforum@gmail.com