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Jacques Ellul (1912–94) was a French thinker and writer in many fields: communication, ethics, law and political science, sociology, technology, and biblical and theological studies, among others. The aim of the Ellul Forum is to promote awareness and understanding of Ellul’s life and work, and to encourage a community of dialogue on these subjects. The Forum publishes content by and about Jacques Ellul and about themes relevant to his life and thought, from historical, contemporary, or creative perspectives. Content is published in English and French.


The Ellul Forum is published in print twice a year and sent to members of the International Jacques Ellul Society by either direct mail or PDF via email. Please join or renew your membership in order to be on our updated listings for the Forum.  Current membership is now $40 (US) per year to help cover costs of journal production and mailing.  When you start an account, you can specify whether you want to receive the journal by mail or PDF.

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The Forum encourages submissions from scholars, students, and general readers. Submissions must demonstrate a degree of familiarity with Ellul’s thought and must engage with it in a critical way. Submissions may be sent to ellulforum@gmail.com. Comments and responses to published articles can also be directed to this email.

Contributor’s Guide

View a PDF regarding submission standards:  Ellul Forum Contributor Guide 2023


Our Spring 2024 edition, as a prelude to the July 2024 Chicago Conference, will be a collection of shorter pieces that engage Ellul’s magnum opus, The Technological Society. Maximum word length is 3000. Half of that is ideal, as we want to include more submissions from our members. PLease submit proposals this Fall 2023. Articles can be submitted by January 2024.


Wanted: Book Reviewers for the Ellul Forum

We are looking for volunteers to write book reviews of recently published books related to the IJES emphasis on the Critique of the Technological Society or related themes. If you have recently been reading a book that is relevant to this theme, or to the work of Jacques Ellul or Bernard Charbonneau, please contact Jason Hudson at jedwinhudson@gmail.com

For examples of book reviews, see recently published book reviews in the Ellul Forum.

Completed book reviews can also be submitted to ellulforum@gmail.com

TIP: Many publishers will mail you a free copy of a book if you commit to writing a review for it.  It’s a great way to get a free book and at the same time help out the Ellul Forum to fill its pages.

Don’t forget that qualifying books do not have to be by or about Ellul! We welcome reviews on any new book that addresses the same field of subjects that Ellul engaged.