Tributes and Remembrances

Honoring Jean Ellul (1940-2023) 

The IJES community extends its sincere condolences to the family of Jean Ellul, who passed away October 30, 2023, leaving his wife Sivorn, his four children Wim, Eric, Véronique, and Jérôme, his brother Yves and sister Dominique. Jean, who was 83 at the time of his passing, had suffered from a stroke for several years but maintained his sharp mind and sense of humor to the end, welcoming, for example, IJES President David Gill to his home for a three-day visit in July, 2023.

Jean, the eldest of Jacques and Yvette Ellul’s four children (Simon passed away in his youth), earned his doctorate in anthropology and was an expert in Cambodia, where he met his wife Sivorn. Later in his career he served as a high school teacher. After the death of his father in 1994, Jean was always eager to protect and promote the legacy of Jacques Ellul. In 2020 he gave his enthusiastic blessing to Patrick Chastenet and David Gill as they launched the Association Internationale Jacques Ellul and the International Jacques Ellul Society.

May the family be comforted in his memory and may he rest in peace.

Patrick Chastenet, Jean Ellul, Yves Ellul, David Gill (2006)