2018 Conference Papers

Presentation Papers for “Ellul and the Bible”

To access any of the papers that will be presented at the 2018 IJES Ellul Conference in Vancouver, Canada, please click on the title below the presenters name.

Here is the schedule of the program with all presenters and the times of their presentations.


Thursday Evening Banquet Presentation

Walter Brueggemann (Thursday evening)

The Ancient Conflict Between Techne and Metis – Full Paper

The Ancient Conflict Between Techn and Metis  (Abstract)

For preparation, read II Kings 4:1-7, 5:1-27, 6:8-23, and 6:24-7:20.


David Gill (Thursday at 2:00)

Scripture and Word in Ellul’s Writings


Christian Roy  (Thursday at 2:40)

Nature and Scripture in Bernard Charbonneau’s The Green Light


Frédéric Rognon  (Thursday at 3:40)

The “Analogy of Faith”What does it mean? Why, and what for?


Albert Moritz (Thursday at 4:20)

Jacques Ellul’s Apocalypse in Poetry and Exegesis


Andrew Goddard  (Friday at 9:00 AM)

The Politics of Samuel and the Politics of Ellul


Daniel Cérézuelle (Friday at 9:40 AM)

The Sense of Incarnation in Ellul and Charbonneau


Craig Gay  (Friday at 10:40)

Jacques Ellul, “La Technique,” and the “Indispensable Liberation of the Person of Our Times”


Jake Rollison (Friday morning)

God’s Time – Kierkegaard, Qohelet, and Ellul’s Reading of Ecclesiastes


Greg Wagenfuhr  (Friday at 11:20 am)

Freedom and Exodus, Ellul and N.T. Wright


Michael Morelli (Friday at 11:20)   (expanded abstract)

The First Propaganda Campaign and the Origins of La Technologie  (Genesis 3)


Ginny Landgraf  (Friday at 1:00)

Ellul and the Ten Commandments Keeping Reality Open to Truth


Luiz Adriano Borges (Friday 1:40 pm)

Babel – The City of Man and the Technological Paradox


Jeff Greenman  (Friday at 1:40 pm)

Ellul’s Biblical Theology of Israel – Key Ideas and Main Themes (Romans 9-11)


Stephanie Bennett  (Friday at 2:40)

Living Faith: Revelation and Religion in the Thinking of Jacques Ellul


Elisabetta Ribet (Friday at 3:40)

Hope & Abandonment in the Bible


Naomi Stafford (Saturday at 9:40 am)

Can Ellul’s City be Inclusive, Safe, Resilient and Sustainable?


Kelsey L. Haskett (Saturday at 9:00 am)

Ellul’s City in Scripture and Poetry – Final Version


Elizabeth Sanderson  (Not able to attend)

Cain, Power, Efficiency, and the City


Jeff Appel (Friday Morning)

Sign, Structure, and (Christ) Event – Illuminating Ellul’s Anarchic Hermenuetics


Ted Lewis (Saturday at 9:40)

The False Ascendency of Technicity – A Review of Ellul’s Treatment of the Tower of Babel


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