Aids for Ellul Studies

French Connections:

L’Association Internationale Jacques Ellul
Visit the web site of our francophone sister society, L’Association Internationale Jacques Ellul.

Cahiers Jacques Ellul: Pour une critique de la société technicienne
The journal, Cahiers Jacques Ellul, is edited by Patrick Chastenet and now published by Editions L’Esprit du Temps, distributed by Presses Universitaires de France; write to Editions L’Esprit du Temps, BP 107, 33491 Le Bouscat Cedex, France. The theme of Volume 1 was “L’Années personnalistes” (cost 15 euros); Volume 2 was on “La Technique” (15 euros); Volume 3 is on “L’Economie” (21 euros); Volume 4 is on “La Propagande” (21 euros); Volume 5 is on “La Politique” (21 euros). Shipping costs 5 euros for the first volume ordered; add 2 euros for each additional volume ordered. Further information is at www.jacques-ellul.org.


Korean Connection:

Korea Jacques Ellul Society   http://www.jacques-ellul.com/


war_detail4English and French Bibliographic Materials:

Jacques Ellul: An Annotated Bibliography of Primary Works
by Joyce Main Hanks
. Research in Philosophy and Technology. Supplement 5. Stamford, CT: JAI Press, 2000. xiii., 206 pages. $87. ISBN: 076230619X.

This is the essential guide for anyone doing research in Jacques Ellul’s writings. An excellent brief biography is followed by a 140 page annotated bibliography of Ellul’s fifty books and thousand-plus articles and a thirty-page subject index. Joyce Hanks’ work is comprehensive, accurate, and invariably helpful. This may be one of the more expensive books you buy for your library; it will surely be one of the most valuable. Visit www.elsevier.com for ordering information.

The Reception of Jacques Ellul’s Critique of Technology: An Annotated Bibliography of Writings on His Life and Thought
by Joyce Main Hanks
(Edwin Mellen Press, 2007). 546 pp. This volume is an amazing, indispensable resource for studying Jacques Ellul. All the books, articles, reviews, and published symposia on Ellul’s ideas and writings are here.


The Ellul Archive Papers:

For archival papers by and about Ellul, go to our Ellul Archives page.


war_detail3Other Written Resources:

Living the Word, Resisting the World: The Life and Thought of Jacques Ellul
by Andrew Goddard
. (Paternoster Press, 2002). 378 pp. Ten years after being published, Professor Goddard’s study remains as one of the best English language introduction to Ellul’s life and thought.

Many articles by and about Ellul, including several full books by Ellul can be viewed directly online on the Jesus Radicals website under the topic of Technology in The People’s Library.  http://www.jesusradicals.com/technology.html

Wipf & Stock Publishers (Eugene, Oregon) is proud to publish the Jacques Ellul Legacy Series, a growing series of books by Ellul in reprint editions. Wipf & Stock also prints new translations of books by Ellul and secondary studies about Ellul.


Finding Used Books:

Alibris: used books in English
The Alibris web site at www.alibris.com lists thirty titles of used and out-of-print Jacques Ellul books in English translation available to order at reasonable prices.

Librairie Mollat: new books in French
/Librairie Mollat in the center of old Bordeaux
(www.mollat.com) is an excellent resource for French language books, including those by or about Ellul. Mollat accepts credit cards over the web and will mail books anywhere in the world.

Used books in French: two web resources
Two web sites that will be of help in finding used books in French by Jacques Ellul (and others) arewww.chapitre.com and www.livre-rare-book.com.



Ellul on Video
The French filmmaker Serge Steyer’s film “Jacques Ellul: L’homme entier”
(52 minutes) is available for 25 euros at the web site www.meromedia.com. Ellul is himself interviewed as are several commentators on Ellul’s ideas. Go also to our Media/Videos page.

Another hour-length film/video that is focused entirely on Ellul’s commentary on technique in our society, “The Treachery of Technology”, was produced by Dutch filmmaker Jan van Boekel for ReRun Producties (mail to Postbox 93021, 1090 BA Amsterdam).

If you try to purchase either of these excellent films, be sure to check on compatibility with your video system and on whether English subtitles are provided, if that is desired.