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The Ellul Forum, under the editorial direction of Darrell Fasching

(1988-2000) and Cliff Christians (2000-2012), was published twice

per year as a print journal from 1988-2012. In 2013, the Ellul 

Forum shifted to an online venue with downloadable PDFs. In 2018, the Forum

returned to a hard copy journal format.

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Forum Archive (1988 to 2014)

#55 September 2014

“Sham Universe: Field Notes on the Disappearance of Reality in a World of  Hallucinations” by Doug Hill; “On FaceBook but Not Of Facebook: Using New Social Media Technologies to Promote the Virtues of Jacques Ellul” by Brian Lightbody; Book Notes: Jacques Ellul, The Empire of Non-Sens: Art in the Technological Society; Jacques Ellul, If You Are the Son of God: Suffering and Temptations of Jesus; Jacques Ellul, On Being Rich & Poor (Amos & James); Jeffrey Shaw, Illusions of Freedom: Thomas Merton & Jacques Ellul

#54 April 2014

“The Sacred, The Secular, & the Holy” by Darrell Fasching; “Silences: Ellul’s Lost Book” by Yannick Imbert; “Technique, Language, & the Divided Brain” by Matthew Prior. Reviews: Jacques Ellul, An Unjust God? A Christian Theology of Israel in Light of Romans 9-11(Reviewed by Andrew Trotter); Jacques Ellul, Théologie et Technique: Pour une éthique de la non-puissance (Review Notes by Carl Mitcham)

#53 November 2013

“The Lure of Technic in Current ‘Leadership’ Fascinations” by Arthur Boers; “21st Century Propaganda: Thoughts from an Ellulian Perspective” by Randal Marlin. Reviews: Understanding Jacques Ellul by Jeffrey P. Greenman, Read Mercer Schuchardt, & Noah J. Toly  (Reviewed by Jacob Van Vleet); Theology and Economics: The Hermeneutical Case of Calvin Today by Roelf Haan (Reviewed by David Gill); Jacques Ellul:  L’espérance d’abord  by Stéphane Lavignotte (Reviewed by David Gill); A Faith Embracing All Creatures: Addressing Commonly Asked Questions about Christian Care for Animals  Edited by Tripp York & Andy Alexis-Baker  (Reviewed by Christina Richie)

#52 July  2013

“The Enduring Importance of Jacques Ellul for Business Ethics” by David W. Gill; “Technology and the Further Humiliation of the Word” by David Lovekin; “On the Lookout for the Unexpected: Ellul as Combative Contemplative” by Sue Fisher Wentworth

#51 March  2013

“The Sense of Incarnation in Ellul and Charbonneau” by Daniel Cérézuelle; “The Problem of Health Care as Technique” by Raymond Downing; Frédéric Rognon, Générations Ellul: Soixante héritiers de la pensée de Jacques Ellul; Review by Michel Hourcade; Review by Randal Marlin.

#50 Fall 2012 “Legacy & Promise: Reflections on the Jacques Ellul Centennial”

Contributors: Mark Baker, Stephanie Bennett, Arthur Boers, Daniel Cérézuelle, Patrick Chastenet, Clifford Christians, Darrell Fasching, Geri Forsberg, David W. Gill, Jeffrey Greenman, Joyce Hanks, David Lovekin, Randal Marlin, Carl Mitcham, Christian Roy, Richard Stivers, Willem Vanderburg; “Gabriel Vahanian 1927-2012, A Personal Reflection” (Darrell Fasching); “IJES Ellul Forum: Transition Time” (David Gill).

#49 Spring 2012 “Art, Technique, and Meaning in Jacques Ellul”

“Looking and Seeing: The Play of Image and Word: The Wager of Art in the Technological Society” (David Lovekin); “Technique and the Collapse of Symbolic Thought” (Samir Younes); Review of Our War on Ourselves: Rethinking Science, Technology, and Economic Growth by Willem Vanderburg (Richard Stivers).

#48 Fall 2011 “Anarchism & Jacques Ellul”

“Yahweh is Still King: Engaging I Samuel 8 & Jacques Ellul” (Thomas Bridges), “Come Out My People: Rethinking the Bible’s Ambivalence About Civilization” (Wes Howard-Brook), “Just Policing: An Ellulian Critique” (Andy Alexis-Baker), “Going Offline” (Brenna Cussen Anglada), Review of Alexandre J. M. E. Christoyannopoulos, Christian Anarchism: A Political Commentary on the Gospel (Tripp York)

#47 Spring 2011 “Pop Culture, Jacques Ellul, & Thomas Merton”

“The Emerging Field of Religion and Popular Culture” (Dell DeChant), “Pop Culture’s ‘New Demons’: Obama, the Sacred, and Civil Religion” (Frank Ferreri), “Snap, Crackle, Pop Christianity: Discerning the Church in the Age of Enlightenment” (Stephanie Bennett), “Illusions of Freedom: Thomas Merton and Jacques Ellul on Propaganda” (Jeffrey Shaw), Review of Jacques Ellul on Freedom, Love, and Power, ed. By Willem Vanderburg (David Gill).

#46 Fall 2010 “Technique, Ellul, & the Food Industry”

“Our Food System Equation” (Robb Davis),   “If We Serve the God of Productivity” (Randy Ataide), “Jacques Ellul & Wendell Berry On An Agrarian Resistance”  (Matthew Regier), “Ellul & Medicine”  (Raymond Downing),  Review of Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food & The Omnivore’s Dilemma (Mark Baker).

#45 Spring 2010 “Ellul in the Undergraduate Classroom”

“Encountering Ellul on His Own Terms” (Jeffrey Greenman, Read Schuchardt, Noah Toly); “Ellul & Gojira” (Lee Ketch); “Dialoguing Ellul & Vahanian” ( Daniel Saunders); “Putting Technology in Place” ( Kari Amick); “Economy and Ecclesia” ( Jake Rollison); “A True Solidarity” ( Ben Robertson); “Student Reflections on Ellul” (Graham Smith, Ashleigh Lamb, Juliana Wilhoit); “Advancing the Dialectic” ( Kirsten Guidero); “The Ellul Collection @ Wheaton” ( David Malone); Review of Raymond Downing, Death & Life in America: Biblical Healing & Biomedicine (David Gill).

#44 Fall 2009 “Ellul, Capitalism, & the Workplace”

“Capitalism in the Thought of Jacques Ellul: Eight Theses” (Virginia Landgraf); “Market Capitalism: The Religion of the Market & its Challenge to the Church” (Nekeisha Alexis-Baker); “The Triumph of the Image Over Reasoning: Thoughts on the World of Computing” (Bryan Winters);  Review of Russell Heddendorf, From Faith to Fun: the Secularization of Humor (Anthony Petrotta);  Review of Jacques Ellul, Money and Power (David W. Gill).

#43 Spring 2009 “Ellul in Scandinavia”

“Cybergnosticism Triumphant?” (Erik Persson); “The Survival of Culture” (Monica Papazu); “The Islamization of the West” (Christian Braw); Review of Paul Gilk, Green Politics is Utopian (Jacob VanVleet).

#42 Fall 2008 “Practical Politics”

“Wild & Untamed” (Andy Alexis-Baker), “Prophets in Politics” (Cliff Christians), “The Political Path & the Road to God” (Daniel Clendenin), “Beyond the Froth: Witnessing to The Powers” (Chuck Fager), “What Divides Us & What Unites Us” (Joyce Hanks),  “Desacralize & Act, Modestly” (Virginia Landgraf), “Teaching, Thinking, & Friendship” (David Lovekin), “Politics as Power Over Others” (Didier Nordon), “Affecting Culture, Or Not” (T. Daniel Schotanus), “Libertarian With Soul & Conscience” (Lawrence Terlizzese), “Moderation Amidst Polarization” (Daryl Wennemann), “Live, Talk, Work, Play” (Bryan Winters), Review of  Vincent Pecora, Secularization & Cultural Criticism  (Don Surrency, Review of Ted Lewis, editor, Electing Not to Vote (David W. Gill).

#41 Spring 2008 “Islam & Religion”

“Religious Postmodernism in an Age of Global Conflict”  (Darrell Fasching), “Islam & Non-Muslims” (Jacques Ellul), “The Influence of Islam on Christianity” (Jacques Ellul), Review of Andre Chouraqui, Le Destin d’Israel (Joyce Hanks),  Review of Joyce Hanks, The Reception of Jacques Ellul’s Critique of Technology: An  Annotated Bibliography  (Darrell Fasching), Review of Lawrence Terlizzese, Hope in the Thought of Jacques Ellul  (Andy Alexis-Baker), Review of Richard Stivers, Shades of Loneliness (Jacob VanVleet).   

#40 Fall 2007 “Jacques Ellul & Latin America”

“The Internet as a Media Extension: The Case of Mexico” (Fernando Gutiérrez); “Jacques Ellul: Humankind in the Presence of Technology” (Maria de la Casa Perez);“Silence and Mobile Media: An Ellulian Perspective” (Stephanie Bennett); “A Honduran Mayor’s Experience of Ellul’s Political Illusion” (Mark Baker); “Bibliography: Ellul, Spanish, Portuguese, & Latin American Writings” (Joyce Hanks); Review of Jacques Ellul, La Pensée marxiste and Les successeurs de Marx (lecture notes edited by Michel Hourcade, Jean-Pierre Jézéquel, & Gérard Paul) (Joyce Main Hanks); Review of Willem Vanderburg, Living in the Labyrinth of Technology (Richard Stivers); Review of Mark D. Baker, Religious No More:Building Communities of Grace & Freedom ( Ken Morris); Review of Jack Clayton Swearengen, Beyond Paradise: Technology & the Kingdom of God (Jacob VanVleet).

#39 Spring 2007 “The Ethics of Jacques Ellul”

“Jacques Ellul’s Ethics: Legacy and Promise” (David W. Gill); “On Ethics and Morality” (Jacques Ellul); “The Ethics of Holiness in an Age of Globalization” (Darrell J. Fasching); Review of Jacques Ellul, To Will & To Do (Matthew Patillo); Review of Jacques Ellul, Ethics of Freedom (Andrew Goddard); Review of Daniel Cérézuelle,  Écologie et liberté: Bernard Charbonneau précurseur de l’écologie politique  (Carl Mitcham); Review of Darrell Fasching & Dell DeChant, Comparative Ethics: A Narrative Approach (Louise Doire); Ellul’s Technique, Wikinomics, & the Ethical Frontier  (Randy M. Ataide).

#38 Fall 2006 “The Politics of Jacques Ellul”

“The Political Thought of Jacques Ellul: A 20th Century Man” (Patrick Troude-Chastenet); “On Politics and the State” (selections from Jacques Ellul); “How Ellul Influenced my Political Thought and Behavior” (Mark Mayhle, Randal Marlin, Sharon Gallagher, John Gwin); Review of Jacques Ellul, The Political Illusion (Randal Marlin); Review of Jacques Ellul, Autopsy of Revolution (Andy Alexis-Baker); Review of Jacques Ellul, False Presence of the Kingdom (Virginia Landgraf); Review of Jacques Ellul, Anarchy and Christianity (Don Surrency); “Suspicion, Accusation, Fragmentation” (David W. Gill).

#37 Spring 2006 “Propaganda & Ethics”

“The Ethics of Propaganda” (Jacques Ellul); “Problems in Ellul’s Treatment of Propaganda” (Randal Marlin); “Semantics and Ethics of Propaganda” (Jay Black); Re-Viewing Jacques Ellul’s Histoire de la Propagande (Randal Marlin); Re-Viewing Jacques Ellul’s Humiliation of the Word (Russell Heddendorf); Review of Claude Tresmontant’s The Hebrew Christ (John Gwin); Review of Perspectives on Culture, Technology, and Communication: The Media Ecology Tradition edited by Casey Man Kong Lum (J. Wesley Baker); Review of Digital Matters: The Theory and Culture of the Matrix by Paul A. Taylor and Jan Harris (David J. Gunkel); “The Word of Jacques Ellul” (David W. Gill).

#36 Fall 2005 “Reading the Bible with Jacques Ellul”

“Jacques Ellul as a Reader of Scripture” (Anthony Petrotta); “Ellul on Scripture and Idolatry” (Andrew Goddard); “If You Are the Son of God” (Andy Alexis-Baker); “Ellul’s Apocalypse” (Virginia Landgraf); “Is God Truly Just?/Ce Dieu injuste?” (Patrick Chastenet); “Ellul’s God’s Politics” (Chris Friesen); “Judging Ellul’s Jonah” (Victor Shepherd); Review of Claude Tresmontant, The Hebrew Christ (John Gwin); Review of Gabriel Vahanian,Anonymous God (Darrell Fasching); Review of Andre Chouraqui, Les Dix Commandements Aujourd’hui and Alphonse Maillot, Le Decalogue (David W. Gill).

#35 Spring 2005 “René Girard & Jacques Ellul”

“Introducing René Girard” (Jim Grote); “Christianity, Violence, & Anarchy: Girard and Ellul” (Matthew Pattillo); “A Conversation with René Girard” (David W. Gill); Review of Ellul’s The New Demons (Darrell Fasching); Review of Jim Grote & John McGeeney Clever as Serpents: Business Ethics and Office Politics (David W. Gill); Review of Jacques Ellul, Islam et Judéo-christianisme (David W. Gill).

#34 Fall 2004 ”Jacques Ellul on Sport”

”Sport, Technique, & Society: Ellul on Sports”/”Sport, technique, et societe: le sport vu par Jacques Ellul” (Michel Hourcade); “Ellul and the Internet” (Boyan Koutevski); Review of The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul (Rustum Roy); Review of Enough: Staying Human in an Engineered Age by Bill McKibben (David Gill); Review of Perspectives on Our Age: Jacques Ellul Speaks of his Life & Work, 2nd edition, edited by Bill Vanderburg (David Gill); “Political Illusions & Realities” (David W. Gill).

#33 Spring 2004 ”Jacques Ellul Today”

”Ellul Today”/”Ellul aujourd’hui” (Jean-Luc Porquet); ”A Look at Ellul the Biblical Scholar”/”Regard sur Ellul bibliste” (Olivier Pigeaud); ”New Metamorphoses of Bourgeois Society”/”Nouvelles metamorphoses de la société bourgeoise” (Gérard Paul); Review of Presence of the Kingdom by Jacques Ellul (Virginia Landgraf).

#32 Fall 2003 “Violence, Terrorism, and Technology”

“Ellul on Violence and Just War” (Andrew Goddard); “Beyond Cyberterrorism: Cybersecurity in Everyday Life” (Dal Yong Jin); “Surveillance After 9/11: Ellul and Electronic Profiling” (David Lyon). Review of Cybermarx: Cycles & Circuits of Struggle in High-Technology Capitalism by Nick Dyer-Witheford (Jonathan Sterne); Review of Jacques Ellul: l’homme qui avait presque tout prévu by Jean-Luc Porquet (Patrick Chastenet); Review of Living the Word, Resisting the World: The Life and Thought of Jacques Ellul by Andrew Goddard (David W. Gill); Review of Resist the Powers with Jacques Ellul by Charles Ringma (David W. Gill); Review of Violence: Reflections from a Christian Perspective by Jacques Ellul (Mark D. Baker); “An Ellulian Agenda” (David W. Gill).

#31 Spring 2003 “Remembering Ivan Illich and Katharine Temple”

Remembering Kassie (Jim Grote), Fascinated by the Instruments of Power (Katharine Temple), Capitalist Starbuckers (Katharine Temple), Jacques Ellul—the Word of God in a World of Technique (Jeff Dietrich & Kassie Temple), En memoria de Ivan Illich (Andoni Alonso & Carl Mitcham), In Memoriam: Ivan Illich (Aaron Falbel), A Note on the Death of Illich (Barbara Duden & Silja Samerski), The Loss of World & Flesh (Ivan Illich), Ivan Illich: In Memoriam (Pieter Tijmes), “All Things Considered” (Carl Mitcham on Ivan Illich), The Death of Ivan Illich (Lee Hoinacki), Review of Harvard and the Unabomber by Alston Chase (David Gill), How Big Is the Tent? (David W. Gill).

#30 December 2002 Jacques Ellul and Utopia

“Jacques Ellul and Technological Utopia” (Myung Su Yang); “Ellul and Technological Utopianism: A Response to Myung Su Yang” (Darrell Fasching); “Utopia and Hope: A Response to ‘Jacques Ellul and Technological Utopia’” (J. Wesley Baker).

#29 July 2002 Rethinking Ellul’s Theory on the Role of Technology

“Religiosity and the Sacred in Postmodern America: Rethinking Ellul’s Theory on the Role of Technology” (Dell deChant); “The Two Faces of Religiosity in Postmodern Society” (Darrell J. Fasching).

#28 January 2002 September 11, 2001

“On September 11th, 2001″ (Daniel Cérézuelle); “September 11th, 2001: On Violence, Divine and Human” (Darrell Fasching); “The Dysfunctions of A Global Technological Society” (David W. Gill); “Something Still Stands” (Andrew Goddard); “Bombs Bursting in Air” (Dan Clendenin); “Terrorisme international et communication politique dans les sociétés techniciennes” (Patrick Troude-Chastenet).

#27 July 2001 Ellul and Social Theorists

“Ellul Versus Gramsci” (Clifford Christians); “Include the Iconoclast: The Voice of Jacques Ellul in Contemporary Theory and Criticism” (Calvin L. Troup); review of E. Higgs, A. Light, & D. Strong, Technology and the Good Life (Wayne Woodward); review of Richard Stivers, Technology As Magic: The Triumph of the Irrational (Dennis Martin).

#26 January 2001 Jacques Ellul & Bernard Charbonneau

“Jacques Ellul & Bernard Charbonneau” (Joyce Hanks); “Bernard Charbonneau and the Personalist Context in the 1930s and Beyond” (Jean-Louis Loubet del Bayle’ “Patrick Chastenet Remembers Jacques Ellul” (Patrick Chastenet); review of Willem Vanderburg, The Labyrinth of Technology (Carl Mitcham); review of Joyce Main Hanks, Jacques Ellul: An Annotated Bibliography of Primary Works (David Gill)

#25 July 2000 Ellul in the Public Arena

“Jacques Ellul: 20th Century Prophet for the 21st Century” (Andrew Goddard); “The Trend Toward Virtual Christianity” (Randall E. Otto); “Jacques Ellul’s Influence on the Cultural Critique of Thomas Merton” (Phillip M. Thompson).

#24 January 2000 Academics on a Journey of Faith

“Science and Faith: A Personal View” (William T. Newsome); “Experiences of God’s Guidance” (Richard H. Bube); “Now a Convinced Theist” (Robert G. Olsen).

#23 July 1999 Jacques Ellul on Human Rights

“Human Rights and the Natural Flaw” (Gabriel Vahanian); “Law, Rights, and Technology” (Andrew Goddard); “Natural Law or Covenant?” (Sylvain Dujancourt).

#22 January 1999 Conversations with Jacques Ellul

“Jacques Ellul on Religion, Technology and Politics” (Patrick Troude-Chastenet); “The Poetry of Ellul” (James Lynch).

#21 July 1998 Thomas Merton & Modern Technological Civilization

“Thomas Merton’s Critique of Modern Technological Civilization” (Christopher J. Kelly); “Gianni Manzone’s La Liberta christiana e le sue mediazioni sociali nel pensiero di Jacques Ellul” (review essay by Virginia Picchietti)

#20 January 1998 Tenth Anniversary Issue

“The Residue of Culture: An Ellulian Dialogic Analysis of Religious Imagery in a Network Television Drama” (Rick Clifton Moore); “Jacques Ellul’s Web” (Joyce Hanks); “My Encounter with Ellul” (Bill Vanderburg); “Ellul and the Sentinel on the Wall” (Marva J. Dawn); “All That Counts” (Daniel B. Clendenin); “Reflections on Ellul’s Influence” (Gabriel Vahanian); “Jacques Ellul was the First” (Peter Tijmes); review of Andrew John Goddard, The Life and Thought of Jacques Ellul with Special Reference to his Writings on Law, Violence, the State, and Politics” (Joyce Hanks); review of Jacques Ellul, Silences: Poèmes (Olivier Millet).

#19 July 1997 Technique and the Illusion of Utopia

“Singapore: Technique and the Illusion of Utopia” (Lawson Lau); review of Nicholas Negroponte, Being Digital, Neil Postman, Technopoly, Clifford Stoll, Silicon Snake Oil, Edward Tenner, Why Things Bite Back (David Gill).

#18 January 1997 Lewis Mumford, Technological Critic

“Updating the Urban Prospect: Using Lewis Mumford to Critique Current Conditions” (James A. Moore); “Mumford and McLuhan: The Roots of Modern Media Analysis” (James W. Carey); “The Coming of the Millennium” (Darrell J. Fasching; with a review by David Gill); review of Marva Dawn, trans. & ed., Sources and Trajectories: Eight Early Articles by Jacques Ellul That Set the Stage (Andrew J. Goddard).

#17 July 1996 Ian Barbour on Religion, Science, and Technology

Review of Ian Barbour, Religion in An Age of Science and Ethics in an Age of Technology (The Gifford Lectures, 1989-91) (Richard A. Deitrich); “Technology and Theology” (Ian G. Barbour); “Norms and the Man: A Tribute to Ian Barbour” (James A. Nash); “Ellul and Barbour on Technology” (Richard A. Deitrich); review of Ivan Illich, In the Vineyard of the Text (Joyce Hanks); review of Charles Ringma, Resist the Powers with Jacques Ellul(Donald Bloesch).

#16 January 1996 The Ethics of Jacques Ellul

“The Concept of ‘the Powers’ as the Basis for Ellul’s Fore-ethics” (Marva J. Dawn); “The Casuistry of Violence” (John Howard Yoder); “From Criticism to Politics: Jacques Ellul, Bernard Charbonneau and the Committee for the Defense of the Aquitaine Coast” (Daniel Cérézuelle); “Ellul’s Ethics and the Apocalyptic Practice of Law” (Ken Morris); review of Patrick Troude-Chastenet, ed., Sur Ellul (Joyce Hanks); review of Carl Mitcham, Thinking Through Technology: The Path between Engineering and Philosophy (Pieter Tijmes).

#15 July 1995 Women and Technology

“Women and Technology: A(nother) Crisis of Representation” (Susan Kray); “The Symbolic Function of ‘Technique’ as Ideogram in Ellul’s Thought” (Daryl J. Wennemann); review of Lana Rakow, Gender on the Line: Women, The Telephone, and Community Life (Jonathan Sterne); review of Judy Wajcman, Feminism Confronts Technology (Jacqueline Ciaccio).

#14 January 1995 Frederick Ferré on Science, Technology & Religion

“The One Best Way of Technology?” (Pieter Tijmes); review of Frederick Ferré, Hellfire and Lightning Rods: Liberating Science, Technology, and Religion (Darrell J. Fasching); “New Metaphors for Technology” (Frederick Ferré); “Frederick Ferré’s ‘New Metaphors for Technology’” (Robert S. Fortner, with a response from Frederick Ferré); response to Timothy Casey’s review of Technique, Discourse and Consciousness (David Lovekin); “Darrell Fasching’s The Ethical Challenge of Auschwitz and Hiroshima” (Peter J. Haas, with a response by Darrell Fasching); review of Patrick Chastenet, Entretiens avec Jacques Ellul (Joyce Hanks); review of Os Guinness, The American Hour (Donald Evans).

#13 July 1994 In Memory of Jacques Ellul, 1912-1994

“The Truth Will Set You Free” (Jacques Ellul); “Jacques Ellul, 1912-1994″ (Joyce Hanks); “Jacques Ellul, Courage and the Christian Imagination” (Stanley Hauerwas); “Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: In Memory of Jacques Ellul” (Bill Vanderburg); “My Journey With Ellul” (David Gill); “Merci, Mon Ami” (Vernard Eller); “Ellul’s Prophetic Witness to the Academic Community” (Clifford G. Christians); “In Memorium for Jacques Ellul” (David Lovekin); “Anarchy and Holiness” (Gabriel Vahanian); “Jacques Ellul: The Little Giant” (Darrell J. Fasching); “An Address to ‘Master Jacques’” (Ivan Illich); “Ellul’s Response to the Symposium in his Honor at the University of Bordeaux” (Jacques Ellul).

#12 January 1994 Ethical Relativism and Technological Civilization

Review of Peter Haas, Morality After Auschwitz (Darrell J. Fasching); “Moral Relativity in the Technological Society” (Peter J. Haas); “Beyond Absolutism and Relativism: The Utopian Promise of Babel” (Darrell J. Fasching); review of Darrell J. Fasching Narrative Theology After Auschwitz(Peter Haas); reviews of Darrell Fasching The Ethical Challenge of Auschwitz and Hiroshima: Apocalypse or Utopia? (Richard A. Deitrich, David P. Gushee).

#11 July 1993 Technique and Utopia Revisited

“Ellul and Vahanian on Technology and Utopianism” (Maurice Weyembergh); “Back to Ellul by Way of Weyembergh” (Gabriel Vahanian);  ”Ellul and Vahanian: Apocalypse or Utopia?” (Darrell J. Fasching); review of Patrick Troude-Chastenet, Lire Ellul (Gabriel Vahanian); review of Neil Everndon,The Social Creation of Nature (Nicola Hoggard Creegan).

#10 January 1993 Technique and the Paradoxes of Development

“Reflections on Social Techniques” (Daniel Cérézuelle); “Jacques Ellul on Development: Why It Doesn’t Work” (Joyce M. Hanks); “‘Good’ Development and Its Mirages” (Serge LaTouche); review of David Lovekin, Technique, Discourse  and Consciousness: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Jacques Ellul (Timothy Casey).

#9 July 1992 Ellul on Communications Technology

“Ellul on the Need for Symbolism” (J. Wesley Baker); “Where Mass Media Abound, the Word Abounds Greater Still: Reflections on Robert Cole’s Study of Children, Movies and Ethics” (Darrell J. Fasching); “Communication Theory in Ellul’s Sociology” (Clifford G. Christians); review of Quentin J. Schultze, Roy M. Anker, et al, Dancing in the Dark: Youth, Popular Culture and the Electronic Media (Philip Lee); review of William F. Fore,Mythmakers: Gospel, Culture, and the Media (Mark Fackler); review of Robert Abelman and Stewart M. Hoover, eds., Religious Television: Controversies and Conclusions (Gudm. Gjelsten); abstract of J. Wesley Baker’s 1991 Ph.D. dissertation, The Hope of Intervention: A Rhetorical Analysis of the English Translations of the Writings of Jacques Ellul; abstract of Lawson Liat-Ho Lau’s 1991 Ph.D. dissertation, The Technological City: 1984 in Singapore; “Bibliographic Notes on Theology and Technology” (Carl Mitcham).

#8 January 1992 Ivan Illich’s Theology of Technology

“Health as One’s Own Responsibility: No, Thank you!” (Ivan Illich); “Against Health: An Interview with Ivan Illich”; “Reflections On ‘Health As One’s Own Responsibility’” (Lee Hoinacki); “The Teddy Bearracks” (David B. Schwartz); “Posthumous Longevity” and “Toward A Post-Clerical Church” (Ivan Illich); “‘Dear Kelly’ Memo” (Lee Hoinacki).

#7 July 1991 Jacques Ellul as a Theologian for Catholics

“In Memory of Mme Yvette Ellul” (Joyce Hanks); review of Jacques Ellul, The Technological Bluff (Nicola Hoggard Creegan); review of Jacques Ellul,Reason for Being: A Meditation on Ecclesiastes (Daniel Clendenin); review of Gene L. Davenport, Into the Darkness: Discipleship in the Sermon on the Mount (Darrell J. Fasching); “Jacques Ellul and the Catholic Worker of the Next Century—Therefore Choose Life” (Jeff Dietrich); “Jacques Ellul: A Catholic Worker Vision of the Culture” (Katherine Temple); “Born Again Catholic Workers: A Conversation Between Jeff Dietrich and Katherine Temple”; “Jacques Ellul and Thomas Merton on Technique” (Gene L. Davenport); review of Jeffrey Stout, Ethics After Babel (David Werther.

#6 November 1990 Faith and Wealth in a Technological Civilization

Review of Jacques Ellul, Money and Power (Daniel Clendenin); review of Max L. Stackhouse, Public Theology and Political Economy: Christian Stewardship in Modern Society (Daniel Heimbach); review of Justo L. González, Faith and Wealth (Michael Novak); “Some Reflections on Faith and Wealth” (Justo L. González); “Luke 14:33 and the Normativity of Dispossession” (Thomas E. Schmidt);

#5 June 1990 The Utopian Theology of Gabriel Vahanian

Review of Robert Wuthnow, The Struggle for America’s Soul: Evangelicals, Liberals, and Secularism (David L. Russell); “Gabriel Vahanian’s ‘Utopian Connection’—Speaking of God, the Human and Technology” (Darrell J. Fasching); review of Gabriel Vahanian, God and Utopia: The Church in a Technological Civilization (Lonnie D. Kliever); review of Gabriel Vahanian, Dieu anonyme, ou la peur des mots (Philippe Aubert); “Theology of Culture: Tillich’s Quest for a New Religious Paradigm” (Gabriel Vahanian); “Law and Ethics in Ellul’s Theology” (Sylvain Dujancourt); “Notes on the Catholic Church and Technology” (Sergio Silva); “Bibliographic Notes on Theology and Technology” (Carl Mitcham and Jim Grote).

#4 November 1989 Judaism & Christianity after Auschwitz & Hiroshima

Review of Jacques Ellul, Un Chrétien pour Israël (Darrell J. Fasching); review of Jacques Ellul, What I Believe (Daniel J. Lewis); review of Jacques Ellul, Le bluff technologique (Gabriel Vahanian); “After Auschwitz and Hiroshima: Judaism and Christianity in a Technological Civilization” (Darrell J. Fasching); “On Christians, Jews and the Law” (Katharine Temple); “Vernard Eller’s Response to Katharine Temple”; “Michael Bauman’s Response to Jacques Ellul”; “Bibliographic Notes on Theology and Technology” (Carl Mitcham and Jim Grote).

#3 June 1989 Eller and Ellul on Christian Anarchy

“Be Reconciled” (Jacques Ellul); “Response to Michael Bauman” (Jacques Ellul); “The Paradox of Anarchism and Christianity” (Jacques Ellul); “Ellul’s Crowning Achievement” (Hu Elz); “Christian Anarchy” (Vernard Eller); review of Jacques Ellul Anarchie et christianisme and Vernard Eller Christian Anarchy (Katharine Temple); review of Jacques Ellul, Jesus and Marx (Daniel Clendenin); Bibliographic report on some recent British discussions regarding Christianity and technology” (Carl Mitcham).

#2 November 1988 Ellul’s Universalist Eschatology

Review of Willem Vanderburg, The Growth of Minds and Cultures (Katharine Temple); Review of Jacques Ellul, Jesus and Marx (Michael Bauman); “The Importance of Eschatology for Ellul’s Ethics and Soteriology: A Response to Darrell Fasching” (Ken Morris); “A Second Forum Response to Fasching” (Marva J. Dawn);  ”Fasching’s Reply to Morris and Dawn”;”Bibliographic Notes on Theology and Technology” (Carl Mitcham and Jim Grote).

#1 August 1988 Debut Issue

“Welcome” (Darrell Fasching); Review of Daniel B. Clendenin, Theological Method in Jacques Ellul (Marva Dawn); “Freedom and Universal Salvation: Ellul and Origen”; “The Ethical Importance of Universal Salvation” (Darrell Fasching); “A Visit with Jacques Ellul” (Marva Dawn).




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