Jacques Ellul

Technology Critic... Historian... Sociologist

Theologian of Hope... Ethicist... Activist

Ellul Conference in Ottawa

July 13-15

“Communicating Humanly in An Age of Spin:
Revisiting the Thought of Jacques Ellul in the 21st Century.”

Information and communication technologies, social media, propaganda, preaching, writing, conversation, persuasion, the arts . . . these are part of our field of interest.

Langdon Winner will introduce us to the Qatsi film trilogy and Godfrey Reggio’s newest film “Visitors” and many of the leading Ellul scholars and commentators will be there. If you were at the Bordeaux or Wheaton conferences in summer 2012 you know what a great occasion this will be for all in attendance.

  • Think about submitting a paper proposal (deadline for submissions has been extended but act asap! Send proposals to Prof. Randal Marlin marlin@ncf.ca).
  • Definitely put it on your calendar and join us. This is not just for academics but for all thoughtful people with interests in the topic and in Jacques Ellul.

  • For complete information on the conference click here:
    Ellul Conference Ottawa
    To register click here: http://forms.carleton.ca/philosophy/ellul/

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