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Reviving Old Ellul Forum Articles

These early Forum editions (listed below) from 1988 and 1989 (when Ellul was still living) demonstrate the original intent of the Ellul Forum to combine new articles with response articles. In many ways this format honors the dialectical learning process that was so central to Jacques Ellul, and it is our hope to promote this same level of response-oriented engagement in forthcoming editions.

#1 August 1988 Debut Issue

Includes Darrell Fasching’s “The Ethical Importance of Universal Salvation,” and Marva Dawn’s “A Visit with Jacques Ellul.”

#2 November 1988 Ellul’s Universalist Eschatology

Includes an important compilation of “Bibliographic Notes on Theology and Technology” by Carl Mitcham and Jim Grote. Also includes several response articles to Darrell Fasching’s article from the #1 edition.

#3 June 1989 Eller and Ellul on Christian Anarchy

Includes two articles by Jacques Ellul — “Be Reconciled” and “The Paradox of Anarchism and Christianity” with response articles and book reviews by others.


Charbonneau and Ellul Walking

”We cannot learn well if we are not in dialogue with each other.”